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Người gửi: Mach Thi Thu Nga
Ngày gửi: 15h:35' 25-03-2012
Dung lượng: 53.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 315
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Full name:………………………………
WRITTEN TEST (2) grade 10

Time allowed: 45 minutes

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others
1/ A. enjoyed B. destroyed C. boiled D. clenched
2/ A. caps B. students C. bags D. books
II. Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from that of the others.
3/ A. statue B. rename C. around D. complete
4/ A. detective B. cinema C. disaster D. committee
5/ Music is very much an integral part of our life.
A. essential B. unnecessary C. impolite D. encouraged
6/ Jazz is a combination of African and Western music.
A. occasion B. emotion C. instrument D. mixture
7/ Films are made not only to show to ……… ina movie theater but also to be used for many other purposes.
A. film makers B. TV viewers C.audiences D. supporters
8/ Football has more ………. than any other kinds of sports
A. attraction B. attractive C. attract D. attractively
9/ The World Cup is a football competition which is held ………
A. once four years B. every four years C. four years every D. four every years
10/ Van Cao is one of the most well- known ………..in Viet Nam.
A. actors B. authors C. musicians D. singers
11/ She usually had a smile on her face, but now she looks………..
A. cheerful B. delightful C. joyful D. solumn
12/ 2006………. year when ………. 18th World Cup was held in Germany.
A. a/ a B. Ф/ the C. the/ Ф D. the/ the
13/ I have just read the weather forecast that tomorrow it ………. Sunny and hot.
A. will be B. is C. is going to be D. be
14/ She was very ……….. about her final exam. It was a ………. event because she had not studied well enough.
A. worrying/ worried B. worrying/ worrying C. worried / worrying D. worried/ worried
15/ Pelé is famous …………. his football records.
A. with B. on C. of D. for
16/ ………… do you prefer, love story films or thrillers?
A. What B. which C. whom D. for which
17/ I rarely listen to music on a radio
18/ It was not until her mother came home that he cleans the house.
19/ “ Why did you buy so many tomatoes?” “ I will make a lot of Spaghetti Sauce”.
Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.
Up to now, there are still many people thinking films are things that are made to be shown on screen for entertainment. It is not right. There are many other kinds of film that are made for other purposes. For example, education films are made for school. They are about the certain subjects that students are learning. Especially, when a person who learns a foreign language, education films in the target language are very useful. Industry needs training films which introduce about machinery and equipment, and how to operate and work on them. Documentary films present factual events and circumstances of a social, political, or historical nature. It is films that helps us widen our knowledge of countries, cultures and people. Sitting on the armchair in front of a TV set, a viewer can enjoy the beauty of nature all over the world, see many historic spots, and meet a lot of interesting people. A film, either good or bad, is the result of the collaboration of many individuals with many different specific skills and talents. And we, the viewers, should choose only suitable films to enjoy.
20/ According to the passage, film are made……….
A. only for entertainment B. to be shown in theaters
C. to help students study foreign language. D. for many purposes
21/ Documentary films…………..
A. deal with real people and events B. Are used for training in industry
C. Play an important part in film industry D. Require a lot of actors and actresses
22/ Which of the following sentences is not mentioned in the

1.a   2.b  3.c

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